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Are you looking for a puzzle game that will flex your brain? The fact is, there are lots of puzzle games available on iOS, but many of them are just not worth the time. Well Love Gears is certainly not one of those, as not only does it really get your brain working hard, it is actually a lot of fun to play. It has plenty of levels to keep you busy for hours, so you are certainly getting lots of gameplay for your money.

puzzle game ios

The basic idea of Love Gears is that you, as the player, are trying to get the female creature to her male friend in the garbage can below. The female is suspended above the male, and you are trying to use an intricate system of gears to get the pulley system to lower her. Once you succeed, her and her male counterpart jump into the trash can, and next thing you know, some babies are born. This helps give the player some reason to solve the puzzles, besides the satisfaction of putting your brain to work.

love gears

To achieve the goal, you drag a series of gears to link the moving gear with the gear next to the female. As you progress, the puzzles become more complicated, which means you have to think creatively to make it through the game. The graphics and music are also quite good. Overall, this is a solid puzzle game that will get your brain working while you have a lot of fun.


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