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doodling websitesAnyone who has sat through a dull talk knows what a doodle is. We may not be anywhere close to being artistic, but all of can scribble and doodle. But surprisingly, doodling is not a mere act of aimless childish drawing on paper. The significance of doodles and doodling goes beyond that as many studies of the human mind will tell you.

Doodling is an art form and companies like Google have given doodles a respectability through their Google Doodle pictures. Even Apple takes it seriously with a few apps for the iPad 3 Free Doodling Apps For The iPad 3 Free Doodling Apps For The iPad Read More . Then if you browse around you will realize that creative doodles are very much part of some cool web designs. Just try it out by searching ‘doodles web design’.

The appeal of doodles lies in the fact that doodling is something all of us can do. Heck, if you have a sense of humor, you can churn out a web comic with just simple doodles.

If you are starting to discover your love for doodles, check out these eight websites.


doodling websites

A blog that’s only about doodles shows just why doodling should be considered an art form right next to wall graffiti. I won’t talk much about it here because Karl covered it quite well in a previous post Do you Doodle? Share your doodles with the world! Do you Doodle? Share your doodles with the world! Read More . Go check it out and let us know about your favorites. Oh, yes”¦you can even submit your own too.


Doodlers Anonymous

websites for drawing

Quite similar to the above website, Doodlers Anonymous also has quite a few videos. There are contests like the one on illustrating your favorite headline news story from the week. The site is also trying to build up a community of fellow doodlers and already has 2,000+ members.


websites for drawing

If the doodle bug does bite you, check out the oodles of stuff here. This is a stricter site in the sense that you need to register and earn yourself a few credit points by participating on the community based site. You can fast track your way to points by wining some of the competitions that doodleBug regularly runs.  The site also has its own neat doodling tool and a few others. If you are serious about doodling, this site is a must visit.


websites for drawing

This drawing and animation website has its origins in where you can still see a lot of doodle art as animated clips. Youlikes is more fully fledged with an improved drawing program. You can create frame by frame animations of your drawing and also edit someone else’s drawing to create your own versions. This collaborative site is fairly new, but its novelty is animated doodling.

Digital Doodle

free doodling websites

Digital Doodle is a nice looking simple Flash site where you get a theme to base your doodles on. The themes are monthly and you get to draw and vote on each other’s entries.


free doodling websites

DoodleWall is similar to the earlier website but in this case you get a virtual wall to draw your doodle on. This is another website which uses Flash for some effects. If you add your friends to your list, they also can collaborate and draw on your virtual wall.

Doodle Art

free doodling websites

Doodle Art is a Flickr public group with doodlers from all around the world. 1,643 members have contributed nearly 17,478 items. Looking at some of the submissions, you will scarcely believe that they are “˜casual’ doodles.


doodling websites

When you land on this website, don’t forget to scroll sideways. You will understand what the instructions say when they write that you have to rearrange a box and make any kind of figure or object. The drawing tool gives you options of pen size and color choice to create doodles on the cardboard cutout. BoxDoodle forces you to think ‘inside the box’.

When it comes to doodling, all you really need is pencil (or pen) and paper. Doodling works best when your mind starts to wander. Well, you know what I am talking about. We have all been there. Let these eight websites help you out with a bit of doodling. Who knows, the coming 11th February and the National Doodle Day (UK) could see you helping people whose lives are affected by epilepsy and neurofibromatosis. Just another way doodling is helping out.

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