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LoudTalks is a dead simple, memory-friendly and completely free communication tool that allows you to send quick voice messages to friends or colleagues.

    LoudTalks: “You have something to say “” you push the button and say it. That’s it. No typing, no typos, no calling, no busy signal.

LoudTalks - Communicate using Voice Messages

LoudTalks Features

  • Instantly send voice message to any of your contacts.
  • Add and Organize contacts into groups.
  • Send a voice messages to multiple recipients (or groups).
  • Current works only on Windows (2000, XP or Vista) machines but support for other platforms (i.e Mac, Linux, mobile) is under development.
  • Questions? More information can be found on LoudTalks Help page.
  • Note: All of your contacts must have LoudTalk account + LoudTalk desktop client.

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