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Lost Pet Atlas is where you should create a profile for your pet if they are lost and you can’t seem to find them. It is an online directory of lost and found pets in the US. It lets pet owners search for their pets by selecting the type of pet they have (only cat and dog options are available), the status (lost or found), city, state and zip code. Pets that have been found come up on a map on the right along with their picture and other details below the map. If someone finds a pet and puts it up on the site, and he is within 30 miles of your location, you will get notified via email.

lost and found pets

directory of lost

So this isn’t just a place to report lost pets. If you’ve found someone’s pet, you should create a profile and report him “found” on the site. Also, if your pet returns back home safely, make sure you mark him as safe on the site.


  • Search for lost pets.
  • Select pet type, status, city, state and zip code.
  • Mark as safe when he returns home.

Check out LostPetAtlas @


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