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LongUrlHead There are times shortened URLs come in handy. Like when posting super long urls on Twitter or via a text message. And there are times when a shortened URL on a website is covering up an affiliate link or a friend playing a practical joke. You can click on a tinyUrl that says one thing and when you actually arrive at the site you realize you have been tricked!

Any user can make a short URL that says anything and points to here. And to prove my point check out this link here.

Vaccination information for the swine flu. –

Did you click it? Did you enjoy Rick Astley video?

Well if you had this Firefox extension you would have seen that the link was pointing to this site instead of the non existent make believe site we were referencing. Instead of seeing the above link you would have seen:

Vaccination information for the swine flu. –


Simply go here and grab the extension. The Long URL Please homepage is also located here. It will work on any Firefox. Windows Mac or Linux – no one will be getting rick rolled anymore. Sorry rick your internets 15 minutes of fame is up! There are LOTS and LOTS of different URL shortening tools and Long URL Please will work with most of them. The ones it will work with are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

After installing the extension your shortened URL links within Firefox will be longened (not a word but it sounds pretty cool). They won’t get so big that they break the page but you also might not be able to see the whole link – in that case just hover over it.


If you don’t use The Fox you can always create a BookMarkLet for your Internet Explorer using this code:


You have some options on how the extension works. You can set and .

How do you deal with shortened URLs? Do you just click them or discard them? Do you have another method of deciphering them? Put us on in the comments!

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