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Last week we asked you Are you going to quit Facebook due to privacy concerns? [Poll] Are you going to quit Facebook due to privacy concerns? [Poll] Read More if you are going to quit Facebook due to privacy concerns.

The top response was ‘Yes, Facebook has gone too far’ with 39.6%. That means almost 40% of respondents are going to quit Facebook or might have already! 24.6% did not care about Facebook privacy and 23.2% do not use Facebook.

So after deleting my Facebook account, I have moved on to tackling my system’s boot time. I am personally using a little application called Soluto. Stay tuned for my review of it. I learned that I had close to a 1 and a half minute boot time on my 32bit Windows XP SP3 machine. This made me wonder how fast other people’s machines are at start up and here we are with today’s poll:


Let us know what OS you are using in the comments. However, we are looking to see how long it takes for most modern computers to start up on average. By start up, I mean to get to a workable interface where you can launch applications or documents. What do you think is an acceptable boot time?

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