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While starting a new company or brand online, you need a visually appealing logo to go with your brand’s name. Setting out to design your logo from scratch can take up a lot of your time. Here to help is a site called Logotype Creator.

create logos for free

Logotype Creator is a web service that helps you create logos. You start by visiting the site’s homepage and typing the main text of the logo. You are then shown previews of what the logo will look like under various free and paid-for logo designs. You can choose the one you like and enter the site’s design interface that helps you edit the logos. You can perform various design changes and then download the logo as a PNG image file with a transparent background.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps you create logos.
  • Offers free and premium logos.
  • Lets you modify logos using various design tools.
  • Download logos in PNG format.
  • Similar tools: OnlineLogoMaker, Logaster, FreeLogoCreator and LogoSnap.

Check out Logotype Creator @ 


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  1. Josh Vogler
    May 31, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    Tried this 'web-app' out for a few minutes. It works really well if you need to put something together quick. It has quite a few options, except one annoying part. If you want your company name and logo to overlap a bit, like the logo partway behind the first letter, you can't do it. It makes the logo take the front position, and hides the text, with no way to reverse this. I can't imagine a case where you want that. Just a minor inconvenience, which is easily fixable with any image editing software...just would be nice if it was possible right from the web-app. It's worth giving a try though, if even to just give you a quick way to see your company name in a lot of font / color combinations.