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There are numerous web services that let you create logos easily online. But normally to use such an online logo creator you first have to execute a web search. But why do that when you can equip your browser with an excellent logo creator? Logo Maker is the browser tool that helps you quickly create logos within Chrome.

logos in chrome

Logo Maker is a user-friendly web tool that comes as a browser application for Google Chrome. After installing the app from the Chrome store, you will find its shortcut in the New Tab page. Click on the shortcut and the app’s interface is loaded up with a default logo. You can begin creating your own logo by using the New Project option. In your own project you can import images, add text, and add symbols that are included in Logo Maker’s library. You can save your progress as a *.lgp file on your computer then load it up later to resume work. Your final logo can be downloaded as a PNG image.


  • A user-friendly browser app.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Lets you create logos.
  • Lets you save work and continue it later.
  • Imports logos in the PNG image file format.
  • Similar tools: FreeLogoCreator, 3D-Text-Maker, CoolRGB, Creatr, LogoEase and Cool Text.

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