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Logo Design Studio for Mac provides thousands of tools, templates, and icons to customize a design for your business, organization, or website.

There are tons of inspiring websites 10 Inspirational Websites For Creating Your Own Customized Logo Designs 10 Inspirational Websites For Creating Your Own Customized Logo Designs Designing the perfect logo requires an in-depth understanding of the company, the product, the consumers, and the culture in which all these operate. But what if you are starting out with your own small business... Read More and products showcasing attractive and powerful logo designs, but unless you have good graphic design and application skills, inspiration may not be enough. Logo Design Studio provides an affordable option for those looking to create a design without making a huge investment in time or money.

To test out Logo Design Studio, you can purchase the limited lite version for $1.99, which features around 100 starter templates, dozens of vector objects and font styles, and a wide variety of filters and effects. The full version ($29.99) includes 1000+ logo templates, lots of editable graphics, and the full range vector graphics.

Logo Design Studio samples

Getting Started

Logo Design Studio includes plenty of editable shapes and objects to create a logo from scratch, but it also includes lots of templates to get started and build off of.

Logo Design Studio 10


If you familiarize yourself with the principles of design How To Learn Principles of Design From Pre-Installed Templates How To Learn Principles of Design From Pre-Installed Templates Read More  and how to use the various drawing and editing tools in the inspector, the color pallete, and font styles, you can customize designs to fit the brand message you want to convey.

Logo Design Studio 8

Because Logo Design Studio is a layer-based application, like most graphic design programs, you will often need to move objects around in order to select and edit them.

The Inspector panel allows you to change the canvas size of a project, as well as the size, position, color and opacity of objects and text alignments. You can also customize the filters, effects and gradients of objects and designs.

Logo Design Studio 8

The drawing pallet includes advance tools for creating custom shapes, quickly duplicating selected objects and adding text boxes. For users with advanced design skills, Logo Design Studio also features includes boolean operations for creating complex shapes by adding and subtracting shapes together, a bézier drawing tool for changing and creating shapes, text, and curves, and a knife tool to slice graphics on the canvas.

Other Features

Logo Design Studio also includes a nifty right side drawer of over a hundred taglines you can use as creative ideas for your business or website slogan. Naturally, you will want to run a search and check to see if other companies or organizations are using the same tagline. Simply drag and drop a selected tagline onto the canvas, where its font style and color can be easily changed.

Logo Design Studio taglines

To further customize a template, Logo Design includes a collection of pre-designed vector .SVG and raster objects that can be dragged and dropped onto the canvas, resized and rotated. The vector objects are editable, whereas the raster objects are not. You can also add and save your own custom objects to use in other designs.

Exporting Designs

Designs or selected objects can be exported to the usual formats, including JPEG, TIFF, and GIFF. Logo Design also supports transparent backgrounds which makes the file easier to use with other applications.

Logo transparent background

Custom designs can also be saved and reused for other projects.

Try It Out

Users of Logo Design Studio have made some complaint that the application does crash, and I experienced that problem as I tested the program. However, after I saved a project, the application reopened with the items I already applied to the design I was working on, so I lost no work. I also experienced minor problems with the undo menu item not consistently working. Other than these issues, Logo Design Studio worked fine for creating, editing, and exporting the few projects I created.

There is a 30 page manual for the application that goes over all its features, and the lite version of the application includes all the tools of the full version so you can get an idea about what it is capable of.

Download: Logo Design Studio Lite ($1.99) / Full Version ($29.99)

Let us know of your experience with Logo Design Studio, and what other features you think it needs for effective logo designs. Also check out Jackson’s article about how to create a hipster logo in 6 easy steps, How To Design Your Own Hipster Logo In 6 Easy Steps How To Design Your Own Hipster Logo In 6 Easy Steps Whether you're opening your very own hipster coffee joint or launching a hippy organic produce store, you'll need to brand your company well. What better way to define both you and your patrons than to... Read More  and grab yourself one of these free and affordable OS X vector graphics applications The Best Vector Software For Mac Designers On A Budget The Best Vector Software For Mac Designers On A Budget Adobe Illustrator might be the gold standard when it comes to vector software for the Mac, but you don't always have to spend a fortune on design software. Read More if you relish the challenge of doing it all by yourself.

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