LogMeIn Starts Beta Cloud Storage Service, Cubby [Updates]

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LogMeIn, the remote control, file sharing, and systems management and data backup site and service, started offering invitations to their new beta cloud service, Cubby. This website and mobile file sharing app service is very similar to Dropbox but with several unique features that may appeal to many users.

Cubby consist of an integrated desktop, web, and mobile application for storing and sharing files over the Internet. Cubby is built on LogMeIn’s Gravity Data Services and its own, proprietary data synchronization and storage cloud. It is cross-platform for Mac and PC desktops, and can be downloaded as a free iPad, iPhone, and Android app.

Any folder on your hard drive  can be turned into a Cubby and synced and shared over the Internet. Similar to Dropbox, Cubby-created folders, and subfolders, can include public links that can be sent to others for accessing and downloading content from those folders. Any kind of file can be added to a Cubby created folder. Content of Cubby folders can be shared with others either by inviting them into a cubby, which lets both parties see, work with, and sync content; or they can simply send people read-only links to files and cubbies.

Unlike Dropbox, Cubby users can pick and choose which folders can be synchronised to selected devices, instead of all folders being synchronised the way they are in Dropbox.

LogMeIn says Cubby takes advantage of industry-wide encryption standards to ensure data is protected at all times. Users will be the sole owner and holder of their encryption keys.

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You don’t mention Linux support. Dropbox works on all platforms. Zumodrive did too, but it is going away soon. Can I hope it will work for all of us?

Bakari Chavanu

Seems if Cubby is going to compete with Dropbox, it’s going to be totally cross platform and get many mobile apps on board with integration.


Akshay Zade

Don’t want to support Linux yet? Sorry, I love Dropbox already.

Bakari Chavanu

Yeah, Dropox is huge competitor for them. It’s going to be hard to beat.



If Logmein had broader support for Linux in their product line I would once again have a pro account. I really like their software but it is not very useful when it doesn’t work full cross-platform. Thus I use TeamViewer which I also like but not quite as well. BTW love Dropbox and the more secure SpiderOak.


Gian Singh

love it when they have an ios app

Bakari Chavanu

Yep, it works pretty well, Gian.

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