Login2.me: Free Logins For Websites

Login2.me is new and handy web service where you can quickly obtain logins for websites which require registration. Using it you can avoid registering on websites that you would never use but only once. The site claims to cover all popular websites and more being added.

There are there ways you can use Login2.me to get logins:

1. Go to Login2.me and enter the URL of the website for which you wan to get a login.

2. Drag and drop provided bookmarklet on to your browser, and click it when you are on the site that requires login.

3. Simply type login2.me# in front of the site URL in address bar for example: login2.me#http://facebook.com.

login2   Login2.me: Free Logins For Websites

If the given login details did not work, click on «Not working, show more» and more logins will be displayed.


  • Get free logins for websites when you don’t want to register yourself.
  • No limit on the number of login details you can request.
  • Claims to cover all popular websites with more being added on a daily bases.
  • Option to report non-working accounts.
  • Similar websites: BugMeNot.

Check out Login2.me @ www.login2.me

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This isn’t “similar” to BugMeNot – it’s identical but without the years of accumulated experience, tools (plugins for FF, IE, and Maxthon), and user-base.

Does Login2 bring anything new to the space?


that login2.me site is crap. NONE of the logins worked on any of the ‘popular’ websites I use on a regular basis.