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what is social shoppingSpecialized social networks are a thing of the future. With the huge success of Facebook, it’s no surprise that a lot of the newer sites out there – and most of the ones I write about – feature some kind of social features or centralized community.

Lockerz is one such site that takes advantage of both of those things. Lockerz is a social commerce company whose mission is “to be the homepage for men and women ages 13 to 30, building a community of trendsetters and tastemakers who love to shop, play, and connect on the web.” It’s a place where you can interact with others in the community while earning points you can use towards major discounts on your favorite items. Does that sound like something that might interest you?

What Exactly Is Lockerz?

As I mentioned in the introduction, Lockerz is a social commerce site. It was founded in 2009 by former technology and retail executive Kathy Savitt, who was formerly the vice president of strategic communications, content, and entertainment initiatives at Amazon. The Lockerz community has grown to more than 17 million members in less that one year, and the site offers major discounts on the best fashions, electronics, music, and more.

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Members of the site earn PTZ (points), which are used to lower the prices on your favorite merchandise. PTZ can be earned a number of different ways, like watching videos, listening to music, answering daily questions, inviting friends to join, buying your favorite brands, and with “FWB;)”, Lockerz’ social commerce feature.

PTZ are then used to lower the prices of merchandise in the Lockerz Boutiques. The more PTZ a member earns and decides to use, the larger the discount, which can be up to 100%.

Explain FWB;) To Me

FWB;) (yes, I have to include the winky face. Sigh) is Lockerz’ social commerce platform that they introduced in October 2010. It’s a self-proclaimed “”, and it rewards members for interacting with one another. For instance, members are rewarded with PTZ for introducing their friends to their favorite fashion or technology brands, as well as music, videos, and more.

“FWB;) creates a mutually beneficial relationship between members, their friends, and their favorite brands and artists. Friends share favorites, and everyone benefits.”

Once you sign up to become a member of Lockerz, you will create a personal profile (Locker) in which your badges (Decalz) are showcased for friends to view. When a Lockerz friend clicks on Decalz in another member’s Locker, both members earn PTZ.

Furthermore, if a friend purchases a product or views a video in-full after clicking on Decalz, both members earn (significantly) more PTZ. As you can see, the more influential members are with their friends, the more PTZ they earn towards their own shopping experience.


By now you may be wondering what types of products you can use all these PTZ towards on Lockerz. Well, Lockerz has partnered with thousands of the best brands and stores in a lot of different categories, including electronics, designer gear, sports equipment, and clothing outlets.

I’m a fan of what Lockerz is doing. I really think that they do a good job of offering their members incentive to use the site, as well as give them creative ways to engage other users. It’s an interesting niche social network and I can’t wait to see other companies follow suit.

What do you think of Lockerz? Leave a comment below and we’ll discuss it!

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