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I recently wrote an article about how to share your own lifestream on your own blog called How To Create Your Own Lifestream On A WordPress Blog In 3 Easy Steps How To Create Your Own Lifestream On A Wordpress Blog In 3 Easy Steps How To Create Your Own Lifestream On A Wordpress Blog In 3 Easy Steps Read More .  We saw how easy it really is to stream all of your online content into one place. 

Bakari also recently wrote an article about Flavorsme - Create Your Own Free Personalized Webpage Flavorsme - Create Your Own Free Personalized Webpage Read More which is a new lifestream service that helps you bring all of your online content together in one place, although not really in a lifestreaming format (I put one together for myself because I liked the style and ease of the site).

Well, Chris Pirillo has put together a new lifestream service that gives users a free blog AND the ability to stream their lifestream. It’s called Lockergnome.  It is basically a WordPress MU install with the BuddyPress plugins How To Build a Social Networking Site using Wordpress How To Build a Social Networking Site using Wordpress Read More to make it into a community site.  There are some benefits to having a presence in such a place. As we go through a review of Lockergnome, I will highlight some of the benefits.


The first point I would like to bring across is that signing up and using the Lockgnome lifestream service is free and easy. The basic membership offers some cool features such as your own WordPress blog, the ability to archive your lifestream, the ability to import/export data, social networking features and even the possibility to have some of your good content promoted!  Those are the features that are offered FREE OF CHARGE.

Secondly, running your presence there is just like using any WordPress blog. If you are not that familiar with how a WordPress blog works, I’d send you to for some good tutorials - The Best Wordpress Tutorials Ever! - The Best Wordpress Tutorials Ever! Read More .  The basic idea here is that if you are familiar with blogging on WordPress, you won’t have any difficulties learning the ropes at Lockergnome.  With the free blog, you only have one theme choice, but that’s OK because it’s their very popular P2 theme (mentioned in this article How To Use Wordpress As A Twitter-Like Communication Tool How To Use Wordpress As A Twitter-Like Communication Tool Read More as a possible Twitter-like tool).

Thirdly, you can easily add streams of your content from many places online to create your own lifestream. Like I said before, I’ve written about lifestreaming on your own blog.  Having your blog (and lifestream) on a site like Lockergnome has its own advantages.  Upgrading plugins is done for you.  It is really easy to do because everything’s put in place for you; all you need to do is add the feeds for your content, and viola!

It is also noted that everything streamed in your lifestream is YOUR content and can be exported for you.  This is also good because even the content you update on the other services (such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook) is archived in your stream so if they ever lose your data, you still have it on Lockergnome.

There are also social networking features available! BuddyPress offers many unique abilities which help foster social interaction which Lockergnome takes advantage of. Why is this noteworthy? Because Chris has been social networking for quite some years and has had a blog network at Lockergnome for quite a while. He has a strong community of geeks. Lockergnome offers the ability to socialize and network with like-minded individuals (if you’re a geek!). Connect with others, make friends, and harness the power of being a member of a community.

If you become very involved in this community and you create good content on your blog there, there is a possibility your content will get noticed and featured across the site.  This opens up opportunities for the blogger who wants an audience (who doesn’t?)!

NOTE: Chris made mention of this in the video introducing Lockergnome but I don’t currently see it on the home page. I am hoping it is just something in the works and not just forsaken.  That’s why I use words like "potential" and "possibility."

There you have it!  Lockergnome is a great place online to blog, lifestream, archive your content, and interact with a geeky community!  Come, make friends, share your lifestream and geeky knowledge and do it all quite easily!

If you decide to try out Lockergnome, don’t forget to come back here to the comments to let us know your opinion of it.

  1. kelly
    March 11, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    lol you're too cute for school...where do you get your energy?! I would like a "make use of" article on that!!! Thanks.

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