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LocateTV is a quick search engine for TV listings, in particular for TV shows and Movies. Find out when your favorite shows or movies are shown on TV, see whether they are available online (both free and paid), and view where you can get them on DVD.

LocaleTV - TV Shows and Movie Air Times

Feature Overview

  • Find out when favorite shows or movies are shown on TV and whether they’re available online.
  • Get custom search results for your area (US and UK).
  • View top 5 searches LocateTV for Movies, TV Shows and Actors.
  • For TV shows: check out episode lists, read synopsis, see starring actors, etc.
  • Embed auto-updated Movie/Actor/Show listings on your website (see video below).
  • Want to buy DVD? Compare DVD prices among major retailers (ex. Amazon).
  • No registration required.

A guide to LocateTV – Searching

A guide to LocateTV – Embedding

Check out LocateTV @ www.locatetv.com

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