Local Dirt: Online Local Food Finder

If you love fresh food and would rather buy from a local farmer’s shop instead of a big food store, then Local Dirt is a site you could make use of. It connects the local food sellers like small and big farms, cooperatives, farmers’ markets and so on, to individuals, distributors and businesses.

You could search for local food by the type of distributor or by the name of product, within a radius of 10 to 500 miles. Both buying and selling of local food could be done through the site.

localdirt1   Local Dirt: Online Local Food Finder

The diagram below shows how this web service works. Email alerts can be set to know when your desired local food is available. The tool is currently US only.

localdirt   Local Dirt: Online Local Food Finder


  • Locate fresh local food shops for buying. Sellers could use it to find customers.
  • Search by the type of product seller or the product itself.
  • Also, search within a radius of 10 to 500 miles.
  • Currently available in US only.

Check out Local Dirt @ www.localdirt.com

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