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Whether you’re hosting your website at home or paying someone else to host it, it’s good to put it to the test once in a while. After all, you wouldn’t want your site to go down at the critical moment when you get a prominent link. Load Impact is a website stress testing tool that  helps by allowing you to run a stress test online.

Here’s how it works: you enter your URL and the service will request information from your servers, continually. The site will then show you some key information pertaining to the impact these requests had on your servers, including how fast each user would be able to load your site under these circumstances.

website stress testing

A nice thing about this service is that everything happens in the cloud – you don’t have to install any software and the computer you use the service on will not be making the requests to the website. This means you can use the tool from anywhere.

There are some hangups with the free version of this service: you can only test for 50 users hitting your site at once. This may be more than enough for some sites but it hardly useful for larger ones.

Still, if you’re looking for a quick way to test your site’s performance this is worth checking out – and if you need more power you can always pay $9 a day for the privilege.


stress test your website


  • Stress test your website by hitting the site multiple times at once.
  • Up to 50 simultaneous hits in the free version.
  • See how the stress affects loading time.
  • Similar tools: GTMetrix and PageSpeed.

Check out LoadImpact @ (thanks to webappers for the cool find).

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