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You don’t want that download on your phone to stop when you leave the house, but you also don’t want it to continue while you’re in transit – your data plan isn’t unlimited. If this sounds familiar, look into LoaderDroid. This Android download manager is packed with features, including the ability to pause and resume downloads depending on whether you’re connected using WiFi.

Just use your phone the way you normally would. When you download something, you’ll see LoaderDroid as a choice:

downloading files android

The app is pretty good about inserting itself as a choice for downloading most files, and that’s a good thing – it gives you the ability to use that app’s features while downloading. You’ll be asked where to put the file, and to decide whether the file should download over only WiFi or to include your data collection. Then the download beings:


The app is divided into categories – Pictures, Videos, Text, to name a few – but quickly tapping the “All” button shows you all of your downloads. You’ll be notified when your downloads are completed, though, so for the most part you should feel free to ignore the app once the download starts – and free to not worry about leaving and re-joining WiFi networks as you walk around town. Your download is taken care of, and will pause and resume only when you want it to.



  • A download manager for Android.
  • Can automatically pause when you’re not connected to WiFi and resume when you are.
  • Great tool for those without an unlimited data plan, or anyone concerned about network overusage.
  • Similar: Download Manager for Android, General Files Downloader, AntennaPod.

Check out LoaderDroid @ Google Play

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