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Web-based alternative to your local post office. With L-Mail you can send postal letters right from your PC anywhere woldwide. Just type your letter online and press send. L-Mail will print it, seal it in an envelope, stamp it, and forward it to the desired address.

    …L-mail lets individuals and businesses send letters to any postal address via the Internet. We print and post letters from 25 worldwide locations and even lick the stamps for you!

Quick Feature Overview:

  • Post letters from your browser or by sending an email
  • Receive an e-mail copy of posted letters
  • Track letter status (ex; shipped, delivered, etc.)
  • Send same letter to multiple destinations
  • Rich letter formating options
  • Letters are limited to three A4 pages
  • Send audio or braille letters
  • Several account options available
  • Pricing: varies between $1-2 depending on the delivery destination (ex; sending letter to UK would cost you 1.18$ (via credit card) or 2.04$ (via debit card)). More details on pricing

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