Llama Font: Type In Fonts That Uses llamas As Characters

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If you love playing with fonts and are looking for a fun tool to pass the time, or maybe trying to convey a message in a way that doesn’t look harsh or inappropriate then you might want to try out this web based tool called Llama Font.

The name sums up what the tool does. Anything you type will be converted into Llama fonts. You’ll see Llama sketches showing them in all kinds of postures to represent the alphabet. Once you are done, save it and get the URL of the page which will show what you’ve written, albeit through Llamas.

llama font

The fonts can look funny as well as weird sometimes. Maybe you can use it for messages like “I am sorry”, or like the example they have on their about page: “I’m not in love with you anymore.”


  • Type anything in fonts that depict Llamas.
  • The fonts automatically appear as you type.
  • Save the text after you are done typing to get URL of the page.

Check out Llama Font @ llamafont.com

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