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Broadcast Live With LivestreamSo you have a great idea for a web show How To Produce Your Own Internet TV Show How To Produce Your Own Internet TV Show Read More but you have no idea where you’d like to archive it yet alone no idea where you’d like to stream it live to your viewers. But you want a good service. In this article, we’ll take a look at the popular, free live video streaming host Livestream. So, if you’ve got the show idea, a webcam, a good internet connection, microphone and a computer, Livestream has the tools you need to get your show live!

Livestream, originally known to some as Mogulus, is a free video streaming host that provides a live stream solution which allows you to create your own internet TV channel for broadcasting on your website through their player or on your channel page with them, 24/7. Livestream provides the “studio”, an elaborate flash app on their website where you can create a team of reporters, cue webcams, manage your library, record shows, control an “autopilot” that manages your channel, and manage a video-on-demand for your viewers.

free video streaming host

The Studio of Livestream provides a sophisticated titling engine where you can make TV-like titles for your free video stream, either full screen or a “lower third” for naming people. You can also add a scrolling ticker for your channel that runs at the bottom of the screen and even include live RSS feeds on it to include over your video.

Each channel also includes a library area where you can add videos from files, YouTube videos and more and then arrange them into storyboards and folders for playback on the channel when you’re not live.

free video streaming host


Embeddable video players from Livestream can be downloaded to allow you to post your channel’s live feed and/or your channel’s chat feed on your own website, MySpace or even as a Facebook application. Livestream’s Studio also allows for Twitter integration, which will automatically send out tweets on your behalf when you’re live.

You also have the ability to invite other contributors to your channel and then host a web show with multiple people in different places.

free video streaming host

Although Livestream is free, they do insert their own video overlay ads on your channel to make money to cover bandwidth fees, but they do offer a somewhat pricey premium account upgrade which lets you remove their branding, broadcast in widescreen HD, add your own ads and more.

streaming video softwareFinally, Livestream provides a free software download called Procaster, which enables you to broadcast directly from your desktop, and show your screen or camera. The software also allows for 3D video mix effects, Twitter integration and also chat capability with others on watching your channel.

Procaster also allows you to broadcast feeds of computer games, which makes it perfect for gamers looking to show their skills to all.

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Do you use a similar service to Livestream to share or host a live, streaming video feed? What do you think of Livestream’s service? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. ccessaro
    March 26, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    Hola! me parece muy interesante y gracias por el tema, he intentado ingresar a Livestream y no veo como crear mi canal y si se puede con camaras IP,

  2. flvplayer
    November 13, 2009 at 1:13 am

    Thanks for sharing this useful service. As for me, I also have live streaming service on my website. I use the Web FLV player on The player has an RTMP Stream Plugin that supports live video streaming. It works well.