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Online collaboration services are becoming increasingly popular with numerous websites offering particular types of collaborative tools. Here to offer you a suite of such tools is the website LiveMinutes.

It is a web service that offers its users various online collaboration tools, where you would normally find sites that offer dedicated app collaborations such as viewing videos with friends, sharing documents with team members, etc. LiveMinutes integrates all of these apps into a single interface. All you need to do is create an account on the site and then share the link given to you by the site. Visitors to the link can take part in collaborative apps with you, such as a whiteboard, documents, maps, videos, Skype, and library tools. If you do not want to save your work on the site, you can use it without creating an account as well.

live document sharing



  •  A user-friendly web service.
  •  Lets you collaborate on apps with friends.
  •  Offers various collaboration apps.
  •  Lets you use the site without creating an account.

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