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The last couple of years has been marked by the explosion of the meme culture. While memes are considered juvenile to some, they are also a way to express what Internet users have been thinking all along.  With a site like Livememe, we now have a tool to create, curate, and search for memes.

create memes

Livememe’s homepage greets you with a barrage of image memes. You can click on each item to add your own caption, or share to Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit. You can also click through fun categories like hottest, mainstream, /’paranoid parrot”, slowpoke, “unhelpful highschool teacher”, and “socially awesome awkward penguin” to name a few.

Livememe also lets you edit the memes that are already published so you can add your own flavor, and a simple editor lets you upload your own image and put your text effects.

Livememe is cool for anyone looking for a quick way to create, discover, and share memes in seconds.



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