My Live Signature : Online Signature Generator

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Ever wanted to spice up your emails with a unique personal signature? Check out MyLiveSignature – an online signature generator where you can both create the signature and learn how to integrate it into your emails.

My Live Signature - Online Signature Generator

How it Works:

  • 1. Enter signature text and select preferred font stye
  • 2. Select the text size and signature color
  • 3. Set the slope for the signature
  • 4. Download ready signature to your computer and/or generate the embed code for emails, blogs or forums.
  • 5. Copy signature code and learn how to add it to the email.

There is also a premium service where you can request a custom signature generated for you from the scanned image. This service costs $10.

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Gerald Huber

Great idea. Doesn’t work so well. Had to register just to get the site to work properly and display fonts correctly. And the directions to use it in Outlook may be outdated or something as I cannot find the tabs that the site says to click in my 2007 Outlook


Kelly L

Just stopped working a couple of days ago for me. Says the IP address is shared? WUWT?



I thought this was a fun idea and tried it. I’ve only had it for maybe two weeks..this morning I tried to add it to my post and it didn’t show up. As a matter of fact it totally disappeared from ALL the posts I had added it to..

When trying to go to the website, this is the message I am receiving:

“This IP address is shared. For access to the web site which you look for, enter its address instead of its IP.

For questions or problems please contact the server administrator.”

Is anyone else receving this message and noticing their signature disappeared from blog posts? I didn’t actually use my name-just a knick name…and it’s not my real signature. Still, this alarms me.

Any thoughts?



this is cool however how can you accsess to make up your signature



thank … great info !


Goutam Roy

please help how to signature my name

Goutam Roy



cool, what do I do now?



Strange. It worked fine from my end, even without registration.What browser are you using?

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