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A long time ago when netbook popularity were on the rise, there were many compromises that people had to go through to use their lovely 10-inch screen. This included using minified versions of their favorite desktop software. Littlefox, a Firefox addon, was popular back then and is now making a comeback.

This tool essentially minifies Firefox’s buttons and removes unnecessary whitespace to optimize your browsing experience for a smaller screen.

optimize firefox small screens

The latest incarnation supports the latest features of Firefox. It also enhances other popular plugins and plays nice with them such as Quicknote, Download Status Bar, Stumbleupon, Sage, and Scrapbook, with much more to come. This will allow you to use Firefox in its optimized version with plugin compatibility.

Taking the extra step to minify not only the default interface but also other popular plugins, makes Firefox much more useful on netbook screens. Other users with bigger screens will also enjoy more browsing space, which is great for power users.

LittleFox is the nifty Firefox addon for those who have not left the legacy of netbooks.



  • Optimizes Firefox for smaller screens.
  • Awesome compatibility with other popular addons.
  • Easy to install.
  • Makes Firefox’s interface lighter and faster.

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