Little Outliner: Create & Download Outlines In OPML Format

Are you a developer looking for an easy way to create OPML outlines? If yes, then you need to check out a site called Little Outliner.

little outliner   Little Outliner: Create & Download Outlines In OPML Format

Little Outliner is a user-friendly outline creating tool for programmers and web developers. Basically the function of the application is to help you easily create the OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) code for the outlines you create. The interface of the website does not require you to sign up or register for any new accounts. All you have to do is begin to create your outline by adding nodes.

Subnodes and sub-subnodes can be easily added. Comments can be toggled and certain nodes can be redirected to specific URLs. Once your outline is complete, you can access the Options menu to download your outline in the OPML format.

little outliner1   Little Outliner: Create & Download Outlines In OPML Format

The Options menu also lets you conveniently expand / collapse all nodes in the tree. Comment can be toggled and the and OPML files can be imported from the direct downloading URLs – only online OPML files can be imported. The ‘Preferences’ let you specify your name and other details that are included in the OPML file that you download.

Overall, this simple application saves a developer a lot of time by providing a friendly interface in which you can conveniently create OPML outlines.


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