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eBooks offer a lot that physical books do not: they take up only virtual space, offer magnification options, and can be digitally bookmarked. If you are an eBook reader then you will find Litfy an extremely useful resource.

reading free ebooks online

Litfy is a free to use website that offers you eBooks to read online. These eBooks cover a variety of genres that include mystery, romance, and fantasy. You can browse the categories on the site or search for specific books or authors. For most of the books you find on the site you will find a review to develop your interest; if you do not find one, you can always create an account and write a review yourself after you have read the book.


Books on the site are displayed in the site’s own clean interface that is free from ads and other distracting clutter.


At the top right of the text you will find an options menu to bookmark the book or change the color of the background and text. You can use your browser’s zooming options to magnify the text. This menu can be hidden anytime in case it distracts you.


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