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If you want to discover new music and broaden your tastes, there are many music (algorithm-based) recommendation services available that suggest new artists and new bands to you, based on what you have listened to in the past. Listn, is a new free music recommendation app for iOS that lets you discover new music the old-fashioned way – by taking personal recommendations from your friends who are familiar with your music tastes. So instead of using robots, it relies on actual human recommendations as your source of new music.

It helps you keep track of the music you discover with a simple to-do list format. Whenever a friend suggests a new band or artist to you, you can add that artist to your list and the app automatically fetches the artist information (e.g. photos, biography, complete discography) and saves it into your list. So once you like a song from a particular artist, you can listen to the artist’s other songs, view their photos and high-resolution album artwork, and get other information directly from within the app.

All of the artist’s information is up-to-date and sourced from the world’s largest music databases.

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