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Listia is an auction site for free stuff, which makes it really easy for people to give away items they don’t use and get things they need. The site has its own currency “credits” which can be accumulated by listing items, referring friends or be bought for real cash (10 credits for $1). Every user gets 500 free credits at sign up.

Here is a short explanation on how Listia works:

  1. Lister lists item the wants to give away.
  2. Other users bid their credits on it.
  3. The highest bidder gets the item.
  4. The credits are automatically transferred to the lister’s account.
  5. Lister can use the earned credits to get stuff he needs form other users.
  6. Users may also donate earned creadits to the charity of their choice.

give away free stuff


  • Auction site to give away free stuff .
  • List items you no longer need and earn credits.
  • Use your credits to get stuff you need.
  • Get 500 credits free after signing up.
  • Get credits for referring friends.
  • Donate earned credits to charity of choice.

Check out Listia @

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