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While posting an online ad for the items you want to sell, sharing high quality images of your product always helps attract buyers. Unfortunately one of the largest online ads platforms, Craigslist, provides only small low quality images for your products. Here to help solve this problem is ListHD.

post large images to craigslist

ListHD is a free to use website that lets you post large high quality images with your ads on Craigslist. The site helps create embeddable ads. In these ads you can link up to 3 YouTube videos, add up to 20 high quality images, and use text with special formatting. When you are done with the ad it is stored in your ListHD from where you can generate an embeddable code for it. Next you log into Craigslist and use the code to post an ad.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you post ads with up to 20 good quality pictures on Craiglist.
  • Lets you link up to 3 YouTube videos for each ad.
  • Your ad can be text with special formatting.
  • Provides an embeddable code for the ads.
  • Similar tool: Addsnaps.

Check out ListHD @


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