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Online audio dictation service that can be utilized in many ways. Practice touch typing, improve listening skills, etc. To get started, just select a recording from provided audio library and click play. The app will then start to dictate the text so that you can type it in. Whenever you make a typo it will reread the part. From the account area users are also able to track their performance scores and visualize the progress over time.

dictation online

There is also an option to increase/decrease difficulty level by changing the dictation speed. This makes the service useful both for newbies as well as experienced users.


  • Online dictation tool to help you learn the language, practice typing, improve listening skills etc.
  • Switch between audios with different dictation speed.
  • Track your score and and performance over time (registered users only).
  • Contribute by adding transcripts for audios (optional).

Watch demo video below:

Go to ListenAndWrite @


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