Technophilia Episode 8 “Old Man, Look at My Life…”

How can a single tweet get you stuck in a jail cell overnight and sent on a plane from LA to London? Listen to this week’s Technophilia podcast to find out.

Technophilia is a weekly, irreverent look at the past week in tech. We talk about the big technology headlines, highlight applications we’re using and try to have a good time doing it. So stop whatever you’re doing, right now, and listen to episode 8: “Old man, look at my life…

This week, James scans barcodes in local stores to find cheaper prices on Amazon. Jerk. Justin plays with Walk Score, a tool that lets you know how easy it is to live without a car at a given address. We compare our neighborhoods and agree that where Dave lives kind of sucks. Dave continues to hack his iPhone 4S. James accuses him of Android envy; Justin falls asleep.

Be warned – this podcast contains naughty, NSFW language, which some people may find offensive. It also features MakeUseOf writer Dave LeClair, which all people will find offensive. Sorry, we can’t get him to leave.

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Chris Hoffman

The Twitter thing didn’t surprise me.

If it surprises you, you must not have been at the US border recently. Believe me, I know from experience.

Also, I’ve listened to a bit of your podcast (I keep meaning to sit down and listen to more.) Entertaining stuff!

James Bruce

Thanks chris, I’ll have to take all the credit for entertaining parts I think. ;)

Dave LeClair


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