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slackHeadIf you have a Windows Mobile device like I do and you also love music then I have a streaming music Windows Mobile app for you! There have been rumors floating around for some time now that Slacker was going to release a Windows Mobile application. Then they did and then they removed it.

Some users on XDA-Developers hacked it up to work again but we have all been waiting for an official re-release. Slacker denied it over and over again. Finally T-Mobile released the HTC HD 2 with guess what on it”¦.you guessed it – Slacker Mobile!

Now Slacker is available to you and your Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. Slacker is wireless radio at its best. Currently Slacker has a webpage dedicated to its mobile applications but there is no mention of the Windows Mobile Application as you can see below:

streaming music windows mobile

They seem to only have a BlackBerry and an iPhone/iPod Touch application. So what gives? Well I guess you just need their super secret special URL which is here. Just hit that link from your Windows Mobile device and we can start setting it up.

After you download the CAB file you can simply run it and install it on your device. You can install it anywhere you please and I am running mine directly from the micro-SD card I have installed. Once you have completed the installation, go ahead and click on it to start it up. You will see a login screen when it starts for the first time. It looks like this:


streaming music windows mobile

You will need to create an account to use the application. You can click on Create Account and run through their wizard or go online to Slacker and set it up there. I will walk you through setting up your account from your device.

You will need to fill in all the fields here including your year of birth (to verify if you are old enough to listen to explicit content).

streaming music windows mobile

When you have completed it, you can either leave the sign me up for the Slacker Newsletter on yes or turn it to no like I did. Then click create account. While Slacker creates your account you will see this screen:

streaming music mobile

When it completes you will move on to the main menu. From here you can search for radio stations, view your favorites, recently played stations and more. I normally go right to the Top Stations menu item. This shows the most popular stations in each category.

streaming music mobile

Each category is represented by a picture of an artist or group from that genre like you can see below:

streaming music mobile

I jumped into Hip Hop / R&B and it took me directly to the station and instantly started streaming the current playing song.

windows mobile music

The song was Heartless from Kayne West. You can see who the next artist up is right below the current track information. And below that you have a pause button and a button to skip to the next track (it tells you how many you can move forward, next to the arrows). You will also see buttons for favorites, a ban list, a button to upgrade to a paid version and soft key buttons to go back to stations or see your settings.

If you click on the ban button which is the circle with the line through it you can choose artists or tracks you do not want to hear like so:

windows mobile music

And finally let’s take a look at the settings page over here:

windows mobile music

The settings page pretty much just allows you to change the account you are using, try Slacker Radio Plus for free, turn explicit content on and off, and a button to shut down Slacker radio and exit.

This is an exceptional application for free! I tried it out on a Windows 6.1 device and while it worked, there were some screens that you were not able to navigate to easily.

What do you use to listen to radio stations on your phone without an antennae?

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  1. J
    April 6, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    I did not realize they had a slacker radio app for WinMo. I have been searching for a decent radio player. I got here looking for a Lala WinMo player (which probably wont happen considering apple bought them). Thanks for a digging out the secret link for us ;)

  2. flink
    March 31, 2010 at 2:41 pm


    The official Slacker App also works just dandy on the HTC Touch Pro 2.

    You'll need to ignore the warning about compatibility when you attempt to download it, though. It checks to see if you have the HD2.

  3. sumit
    March 30, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    mundu radio. best one, u can select ur own stations on their site n u get them on ur phone