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When it comes to music, “˜old is gold’ is as accurate as clichés can get. The golden eras of the Beatles, Dylan, the Rolling Stones, can never be reproduced no matter how great a band comes along. That we will never experience the classical best of the best in music, is truly a sad piece of information for us music lovers.

But it’s not an entirely hopeless situation. Although we can’t travel back in time and witness the musical revolutions, we can momentarily relive those moments in our mind by listening to the greatest past artists in concerts. No, you don’t have to pay anything; just log on to Wolfgang’s Concert Vault.

Wolfgang is an amazing rock website that sells numerous rock music related items (vintage rock posters, tickets, backstage memorabilia etc), publishes Crawdaddy which is a magazine dedicated to rock music, offers a comprehensive schedule of artists now on tour, and lets users listen to live concert recordings from the past”¦ for free!

Our focus obviously will be this last function of Wolfgang.

listen live concert recordings

By registering for a free account, you can enter the Concert Vault and browse over 3000 concert recordings! These recordings are of the greatest artists that music has seen. Over the years, these recordings have been recorded and re-mastered by the people. And now the Concert Vault has them for the public.


Let me walk you through the Concert Vault and show you how amazingly simple it is.

The Featured Concert can be seen in the main sliding menu; these are recommended by Wolfgang and are definitely worth listening to. The Downloads page lists all recordings and lets the user download them either for free or by paying money (some recordings are free, others aren’t). There’s also a radio section where users can listen to the radio online and listen to amazing songs, Browsing for concerts can be done directly via the homepage of the Concert Vault. The fields on the left let you filter your options till you’ve narrowed down your results to whatever you desire.

As for searching for a particular artist: the top of Wolfgang’s page has a text entering field. Enter the name of the artist/band whose concert you want to listen to. Before clicking on “˜Search’ do make sure you’ve chosen the Concert Vault option instead of WolfGang, like so:

listen live concert recordings online

I searched for one my favorite old bands, The Police. The top section of our results page shows us the discography of the bands we’ve searched for. The field right under the discography lists valuable memorabilia related to the band; this memorabilia is for sale and can be purchased from Wolfgang. The final field is a list of the available concerts:

live concert recordings

As you can see, the website not only has recordings of concerts, but also of interviews. The venues of the concerts are mentioned when available. Plus, the length of every recording is also provided. If the recording is obtainable (downloadable), the last field (empty in this case) will have one of two tags: Buy or Free. The free ones can be downloaded without paying anything; the other ones however need a payment in order to be downloaded.

Downloadable or not, you can always listen to the recording for free by clicking on the “˜Play’ button in the very beginning of each concert listing. I clicked on the first “˜Play’ button:

Right after a short summary of the concert, the track listing is provided. Good descriptive summaries add to the excitement and help you put yourself in the concert. To listen to a song, simply click on it. I clicked on “˜Truth Hits Everybody:’

Just Like in the screenshot above, a small online media player opens up which has a playlist made of all the songs of the concert you’ve chosen. When it starts, the song you clicked on starts playing. You can now listen to all the songs of that particular concert from within this online player.

And that’s it!

If you’re wondering whether this website is offering these recordings for free by cheating the artists out of the money they deserve for their performances, then listen to what Wolfgang has to say: “The Concert Vault is fully licensed by BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC, and we pay these performance rights organizations every time you listen to a concert. The license fees make their way back to the performers that made the music. Download revenues are also shared with performers and publishers as appropriate. One of our top priorities will always be to make sure that the artists are compensated for their performances.”

Wolfgang’s Concert Vault is an amazing web service immortalizing the best performances of the best artists who ever lived. Awesome job, Concert Vault!

Check out Concert Vault @

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  1. roger
    November 6, 2009 at 11:12 am

    i went and had a look and signed up immediately and streamed a 1970 pink floyd gig. this looks like being one of my favourite sites you've recommended, many thanks.