A Simple Tool To Create To-Do Lists Online

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Do you want to create a to-do list without having to download any third-party software or mobile-based application? If yes, then you must check out ListDid – one of the simplest ways to make and manage a to-do list online.

ListDid is a website that allows users to create quick and simple to-do lists without having to download any software or add-ons. Not only that, but using the service is really simple due to its lightweight features and easy navigation.

Using the service is easy and simple. All a user has to do is go to ListDid’s website, and make an account, which takes around 2 seconds. Once the account is made, you can make a “New List” and add tasks to it which need to be done. As you accomplish your tasks, just click on the ‘green tick box’ to scratch it out and move onto the next ones.


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