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Listaculous is another productivity webservice that helps you organize and manage your to-do lists. In addition to basic features there are a couple of unique ones: (1) organize to-do tasks by tabs (categories) and (2) embed your task dashboard onto your blog or iGoogle page. The latter lets you login, add, edit and manage your tasks from any webpage where you embed your tasks.

Listaculous : To-do List Manager


  • Manage and organize your tasks and to-do lists.
  • Create as many lists as you need.
  • Add, edit, delete, and color tasks.
  • Move tasks around by simply dragging them from one place to another.
  • Change dashboard theme and appearance.
  • Embed your tasks/lists onto your blog or personal webpage.
  • Add Listaculous to your iGoogle page.
  • Print your to-do’s

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