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thissiteforsaleThinking of a new website and creating your new website and marketing your new website is one thing, but what do you do after that? That’s right, you sell the website and make money off your hard work.

Yesterday, Dean posted some tips How To Value Your Blog Or Website To Sell It (Part One) How To Value Your Blog Or Website To Sell It (Part One) Read More about how to sell a blog or website, but if you are new to this, you might not know where you should list it. But not to worry, you will find out shortly. These 8 sites are intended for the smaller websites only. If you are going to be selling a large, highly profitable website, it is best that you seek some legal advice first.

Before I list these sites, I’d first better give you some quick tips:

  • List as much information about your site as possible – website statistics, earnings, monthly revenue.
  • Don’t stop running your website until you have sold it and changed hands.
  • Be honest with all your information you provide.
  • Ask for a reasonable price – too low people won’t look at it, too higher, people won’t look at it.

Sites to Sell Your Site

So now it’s time to list your website on the market. It is always a good idea to mention on your website that “this site is for sale. Contact us if you are interested“, but you want the people who are looking to buy websites to find you, and not just your visitors.

So here are some listing directories that are dedicated to selling websites and some Forum Marketplaces.


Listing Directories


Although to list your site it costs $19 then another 5% of the sold price when sold, Flippa is a good place to get started if you are serious about selling your website.

Listing your site on Flippa is a pretty easy 6 step process. One of the main advantages Flippa has over other directories is that it is very similar to how eBay works when selling your item. You can have a “Buy Now” price, or list it as an auction. The site is very easy to use, and the help section is an easy read.

how to sell a blog


WebsiteBroker is another excellent site to list your website for sale. Although you have to pay an initial listing fee, you do not have to pay a commission when sold. So if you are asking for a higher price, I would suggest choosing WebsiteBroker over Flippa.  The listing price starts at $9.95 which lasts for 90 days, but you have the option for a premier listing for $29.95 which gives your site more exposure.

how to sell a blog


Forums are a great free way to publicise the sale of your website.  However, many have restrictions on if you can post. For example, you may have to be a member of the forum for a certain time, or you may need a certain amount of posts to be able to have access to the marketplace.

If you use a forum, remember that you have to communicate to your buyer through your own communication channels, so a safer way is to use one of the listing directories I mentioned above.


With over 15,000 members, iWebTool is a dedicated forum to discuss websites, promotions, SEO tools, search engines and to list your products in the marketplace. However, to be able to post in the marketplace, you’ll need a minimum of 20 posts.

how to sell a blog

Search Engine Forums

SEF is another great forum for tips and tricks of the trade. There are a few rules you must follow when posting in SEF, and they provide you with some tips of what you should include in your post.

Digital Point

how to sell a websiteDigital Point is a very active forum with almost 60,000 active members and just over 12 million posts. Your site will surely be seen in their Buy, Sell or Trade section. Make sure you have a read through their rules and get some Do and Don’t tips which you may find interesting.


Having over 100,000 members and just under 1 million posts, Webmaster Talk has a variety of categories for your website to be listed in.

how to sell a website


dnflogo2The dnForums Developed Websites for Sale section allows you to list your website for sale. However, you are only allowed to post one thread per day, and you have to pay for a subscription, or a lifetime package to be able to post. Make sure you have a read of their rules before you list your site for sale.


DaniWeb is a popular forum that focuses on Hardware, Software, Software Development, Web Development, Internet Marketing, and is a great site for you to promote your website on.

how to sell a website

Now that you have a starting point for sites to list your website for sale, you should now receive more exposure and more applicants interested in buying your website.  Please bear in mind that these are only tips and you should seek legal advice before selling a website that creates a decent amount of revenue.

Have you sold a website before or do you have some other tips to share? We would like to know.

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