Lipsum: Lorem Ipsum Dummy Content Generator

Lipsum is a lorem ipsum dummy content generator that lets you create dummy text. The site gives you variable parameters to achieve the most suitable text for your website design prototyping.

lipsum   Lipsum: Lorem Ipsum Dummy Content Generator

In case you are unfamiliar with dummy text, it is a collection of words which do not necessarily mean anything but they seem to be valid text. Dummy text is more technically known as “Lorem Ipsum“ and has many online generators; you can now see where “Lipsum” gets its name from.

Dummy text is used to fill out the text areas in website prototypes so that developers can show them to their clients. It helps visualize the absolute final result of the site. With Lipsum, you can specify the number of paragraphs, words, bytes, or lists you require in the dummy text.

You do this all on the site’s homepage, click on the “Generate Lorem Ipsum” button and achieve your dummy text which you can copy and use for free. Your entered specifications are listed at the end of the text.

lipsum1   Lipsum: Lorem Ipsum Dummy Content Generator


  • No registration or signup required.
  • Controls are very easy to use.
  • The site supports an impressive number of languages which can be selected at its homepage.
  • The generated dummy text can be copied and used for free without any restriction.
  • An ideal online tool for web developers looking to complete their site’s prototype.
  • Similar tools: AdhesionText, BlindTextGenerator, AdhesionText, Lorem2 and HTML-Ipsum.

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