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If you are one of those who only opens their Twitter stream to check the links posted by people you follow then you might as well use LinkReduce to do that. It lets you see all the tweets with links, and then sets filters accordingly. You could set a filter for someone, and their links would appear only in the “Filtered Links” page. So that means you won’t miss any of their links from now on.

It also lets you subscribe to the RSS feed for the main link stream. Uses OAuth to connect to your Twitter account so no security concerns either.

filter twitter stream

filter twitter stream

As you see in the above screenshots, for each link it shows the expanded version as well as an option to create a filter.


  • Filter tweets from users that contain links.
  • Filtered Links page shows tweets you chose to filter.
  • Subscribe to the link stream in your RSS feed reader.
  • Similar tools: Proxlet, Cadmus and Refinr.

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