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Do you have some web pages bookmarked that you would not want other users of the computer to see? LinkPassword is a new Firefox Add-on that helps you protects your private bookmarks by adding a password protection to them. Using LinkPassword, any link can be encrypted and when somebody tries to access the link they’ll have to enter the password.

private bookmarks firefox

Unfortunately there is no way to apply the encryption on multiple links at the same time. This service is better than hiding bookmarks since that does not offer complete protection from somebody accidentally stumbling upon your links. The add-on uses AES ( Advanced Encryption Standard) to encrypt your bookmarks. It is also a great tool to protect inappropriate bookmarks from children or protect your cool new project from eyes of your co-workers.


  • Password protect your bookmarks.
  • Encrypt your links with AES.
  • Keep inappropriate bookmarks safe from children.
  • Similar tool: HideLinks

Download LinkPassword from Mozilla

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