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LinkLeecher is a free online utility that will allow you to validate and download all the links on any given web page. You can use this service to either validate all of your own links on your website or to “leech” all the links from another site.

This may be useful if, for example, a website has some graphics that you want to download and use or even a MP3 playing in the background. The list of files in the site will be available for you to download.

There are lots of uses for this app ranging from wanting to create a similar test site to wanting to download an image or MP3 for personal use. You can use this method to grab or leech materials from a site that is using protection to block you from doing so.

download links from web page

Simply type in a URL and optionally select a filter that you would like to grab the files with these extensions. Then you can choose how you want the output formatted. Your options are links in a browser, a RSS feed, text file, CSV file or OPML output.



  • Check all your links on a webpage.
  • Allows you to download all the content via links.
  • Allows you to specify your URL.
  • Allows you to add a filter for links returned.
  • Support for CSV, TXT, RSS Feed or OPML output.

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