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With the popularity of social bookmarking websites and downfall of Delicious, there is always room for a similar type of services to thrive. Enter Linkdoozer, a cool website directory that makes it easy and fun to find and bookmark websites. This tool allows users to contribute to a dynamic web directory by adding using doozermarks (private bookmarks) or by adding a website manually.

online bookmarking website

Linkdoozer starts with tagged websites laid out on the homepage. Here, you can browse through different categories like shopping, business, travel, internet, games, and more. Each website has a short description where you can click tags to find similar websites, add to doozermarks, and add to favorites. You can then browse through the tag cloud in the sidebar and view the latest added websites.

As you find cool websites, just click the doozermark browser button to add it to your account. You can then view your list of private doozermarks in your account dashboard.

online bookmarking website

Linkdoozer also maintains their own list of public websites where you can add your own listing for a flat annual fee. This is a good resource for webmasters who want to get featured in the web directory.  This app is also useful for couch surfers and power users who need a nice alternative online bookmarking system.



  • Add your website to public listing.
  • Use doozermarks to add cool websites to your dashboard.
  • Browse top websites on the homepage.
  • Use tags to find similar websites.

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  1. Linkdoozer team
    January 11, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    What Linkdoozer has done, is address the one real achillies heel of the Internet - information overload. Instead of building up hundreds of thousands of pages of content, which invariably is not all that useful, it builds its content slowly, with human editors only, to ensure that high quality websites are added to its directory and nothing else.

    The main focus is to provide a smaller web directory resource that consists of only a few of the genuinely best websites in the world. Says the founder:

    "If you want to find a website on a particular topic you go to Google or some social bookmarking website and search for it. Inevitably you get hundreds of thousands of results, if not millions. It's up to you to comb through all that data to find the one or two that are generally useful. Linkdoozer only allows those top few websites into its listings index in the first place so you save time and effort."

    Linkdoozer also comes fully equipped with all the latest features allowing websites to be rated and commented on by users so that it's index is ranked democratically, giving a literal best of the best. This is also to ensure users that no bias can creep into the index because it is controlled directly by the boting public.

    In addition, all the website listings, which are presented in the form of short, but insightful and professional reviews are geared for social network integration - Facebook, Digg and so on. This makes a Linkdoozer website listing prime property because the listing has the potential to go viral at any stage.

    Naturally the directory is also integrated with other important social media and a single listing on Linkdoozer inevitably turns into multiple quality backlinks, from the webmaster's point of view, from sites like Twitter and technorati.

    That's not all. Unlike most directories that articifially categorize websites into often times confusing, deep hierarchical structures. The websites in Linkdoozer's index are presented by topic and relation giving the directory a far more intuitive and browsable structure. This also directly benefits the websites themselves because their listing appear all over the show for an indefinite amount of time, as opposed to disappearing off the front page and never being seen again.

    Linkdoozer also adds complete one-click bookmarking features and offers a free bookmarks or favorites account that can be used to manage and organize not only the bookmarked websites appearing in Linkdoozer's web directory, but any website the user feels like bookmarking.

    The site is also equipped with an internal browser that makes it possible to treat the bookmarks page like a desktop, turning user's bookmarks into a sophisticated, fast and efficient Web browser in it's own right.

    Time will tell whether Linkdoozer can maintain it's super high quality standards and usher in a new age of Internet minimalism.