This Link Will Self Destruct: Create Short Links That Expire When You Choose

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Short links are all the rage on the Internet nowadays. As the popularity of Twitter grows, the popularity of creating links that use less and less of our precious 140 characters grows with it. Most short link services do not offer much in the way of options. You create the link and send it, and that’s about it. With “This Link Will Self Destruct”, you can create short links with all kinds of options.

short links that expire

The main feature of this site is the ability to make your link expire after an amount of time you choose. You can choose anywhere between minutes and weeks. You can also set a certain number of uses before the link self destructs. This is really useful if you don’t want your link floating around the Internet for anyone to see. You can send it to the person you want to see it, and have it go away when they are done.

In addition to expiration time, you can also set the level of security. The more secure the link, the longer it will be. You can add a password to make it so only people you give that to can get access to the content of the link.


  • Create short links with an expiration timer on them.
  • Choose the length of the link to control security.
  • Set a certain amount of uses on the link.
  • Add a password for further protection.
  • Similar tool: DyingLinks.

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