LINE Call For Android Launches In 8 Countries With Cheap International Calls

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Line, the popular messaging app, has just announced a new feature within their app, LINE Call, which allows users to make calls to non-Line numbers in eight different countries. Currently, the service is only available on Android, but they have said that an iPhone version should be coming out soon.

LINE Call is available in Colombia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Spain, Thailand, and the USA. Prices go as low as two cents per minute for some countries, as illustrated by the graphic below.


Line is fighting to be competitive in a crowded arena that is spearheaded by messaging giants like Whatsapp. Many messaging apps are looking to differentiate themselves by offering improved privacy, while others, like Line, are moving into the paid calls territory, infringing on where Skype has been dominant for many years. While only beginning in these eight countries, Line has said that they’ll be expanding to other countries soon, which could make them a viable alternative for many.

You can use LINE Call by downloading the newest Line app from the Play Store or by updating your current version of Line.

Are these rates attractive enough to get to use Line? Or do you prefer a different messaging/calling app? Let us know in the comments.

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