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Sharing details about your journey with friends can be a bit difficult when they do not realize exactly which areas you are talking about. People who travel often could greatly benefit from an app that let them clearly outline the path of their travels and add important details to the important places. Lindalino is an app that does precisely that.

Lindalino is a free to use website that can be used to plan your vacations. You start by creating an account simply by logging in with your Facebook account. Next you can start planning trips or outlining the vacations you have already been on by marking locations in the order you visited them. With each location you can add details such as the things you loved most about that place.

Your travels can be shared with friends through their direct links. You can view others’ plans and travels on the site via browsing too.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you record your travels and planned travels.
  • Lets you record locations in the order you travelled them.
  • Lets you add details to each visited location.

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