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We are happy to announce that from today, we will be offering 20 limited edition MakeUseOf 8GB Lacie CooKeys USB flashdrives as part of our Rewards program! This is the first step towards offering MakeUseOf-branded paraphernalia on our Rewards page, which may be simply redeemed by exchanging your points.

These 20 limited edition MakeUseOf-branded Lacie CooKeys have been diamond engraved and sequentially labelled from #1-20. Since only 20 have ever been made, owning one is the key (excuse the pun) to a very, very exclusive group.

The fun doesn’t end there, because not only will you receive one of 20 limited edition CooKeys; they will be filled with the portable apps from our Best Portable Apps page, ready for use! We’ll ship these keys to any address in the world accessible to postal service; and you won’t need to pay a thing — we’ll cover it as part of our Rewards program.

How can you get one?

In order to obtain one of these CooKey USB flashdrives, you’ll need to exchange your MakeUseOf points. If you haven’t got an account, create one, earn points then exchange your points for one of the CooKeys! Since there are only 20 of them up for grabs, you’d better hustle!

What other products are you looking forward to seeing offered as part of our Rewards program? We’d love to hear your suggestions, so please let us know!

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