Limited Edition MakeUseOf 8GB Lacie CooKeys Now Available [Rewards]

lacie keys feat   Limited Edition MakeUseOf 8GB Lacie CooKeys Now Available [Rewards]We are happy to announce that from today, we will be offering 20 limited edition MakeUseOf 8GB Lacie CooKeys USB flashdrives as part of our Rewards program! This is the first step towards offering MakeUseOf-branded paraphernalia on our Rewards page, which may be simply redeemed by exchanging your points. If you’re unsure about earning points by reading and interacting on MakeUseOf, read our gaming guide to learn more.

These 20 limited edition MakeUseOf-branded Lacie CooKeys have been diamond engraved and sequentially labelled from #1-20. Since only 20 have ever been made, owning one is the key (excuse the pun) to a very, very exclusive group.

The fun doesn’t end there, because not only will you receive one of 20 limited edition CooKeys; they will be filled with the portable apps from our Best Portable Apps page, ready for use! We’ll ship these keys to any address in the world accessible to postal service; and you won’t need to pay a thing — we’ll cover it as part of our Rewards program.

lacie keys 1 small   Limited Edition MakeUseOf 8GB Lacie CooKeys Now Available [Rewards]

How can you get one?

In order to obtain one of these CooKey USB flashdrives, you’ll need to exchange your MakeUseOf points. If you haven’t got an account, create one, earn points then exchange your points for one of the CooKeys! Learn more about our Game system and Rewards program. Since there are only 20 of them up for grabs, you’d better hustle!

When you’re ready, head over to our Rewards page to redeem one of these limited edition MakeUseOf 8GB Lacie CooKeys!

What other products are you looking forward to seeing offered as part of our Rewards program? We’d love to hear your suggestions, so please let us know!

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Wouter Ruelens

8000 points? I guess they just weren’t meant for me, that would take me for ever. Good luck to the ones who have so many points stacked up somewhere!


they look cool, but 800 points..too much for me, as don’t have those many points.

Wouter Ruelens

It states 8000 on my rewards page, or is there some sort of error and I need to give 10 times the points of other users?

Sam Kar

Sam Kar

sorry, missed 1 zero. IT is 8000 points for all users.

Btw, already 11 gone. 9 left as of now

Hatem Sindi

though 800 is a lot of points .. I have some worse news .. It’s 8000


8000 Points.. Times like these i wish i hadn’t entered those previous giveaways and saved up my points. I’m not anywhere near that figure. I’d have to be trolling :(

And will you guys be having more?

Harish Jonnalagadda

Exactly! it would take me an age and a half to redeem it now! Wish I didnt redeem the MediaMonkey license.

Jackson Chung

It’s a limited edition version, so tentatively, the answer is no. We could be offering other products though.


Oh well, I think these USB keys are the coolest rewards program :)


I second that.

Jackson Chung

Thank you! We’re coming up with more exciting products so keep interacting on the site to stock up on points!


Any hints for what kinds of products( I want an Ipod Nano or 8,16,32,64 GB microsd cards, MS Office(insert some evil laughter here), wireless mouse or keyboard, lots of money( insert even more evil laughter here:-) etc.)

Please reply

Edgar Meixueiro

Way too much!

Imesh Chandrasiri

I love this offer but, as a new comer, this is not for me! but I wish good luck for any one who gets it! :)

Phuong Doan

8000 = 1600 comments = 800 answers = 800 sharing. LOL

S. Craig Hufford

Seems like a lot of people are going to be having spam for breakfast!

Phuong Doan

no no. I double posted by mistakes:D

Boni Oloff

Great calculation, but they limiting points you get per day. So, it will takes much time. :)


way too much points needed

Phuong Doan

8000 points = 1600 comments = 800 answers = 800 shares. LOL


By the way, there is a limit as to how many points you can earn in a day. I guess it’s around 100 Points :D

Phuong Doan

nope. i earned around 300 yesterday LOL

Jack Schiff

Can be more than 1000 per day. Look at the “Top Users This Week”.
Unfortunately, the earning points is not equivalent to actively participate. MUO administration provokes is the first, such high ‘prices’.

Jackson Chung

Hey Jack, there’s a limit to the number of points you can earn each day but we do not share this information with our readers because it’s constantly changing and we do not encourage gaming the system. But the general idea is that the points you receive for being an average user will reflect your activity on the site.

Jack Schiff

I understand the general idea. And for the average user, that’s right. But if the user wants to receive the award is very price of which greatly exceeds the number of points they “normally” points, he can try to find a way to earn more. And finding a way to lose interest in the “normal participation.” That’s what I see negative effect of “high prices”

Jackson Chung

Actually, this was just a trial. We will be providing more products for redemption in the future, and there will be plenty of it. So you can take your time to accumulate the points. We certainly don’t expect our readers to suddenly have 8000-10000 points at their disposal.


Want it but can’t get it.

John Paul Wohlschied

I would really love to get ahold of one of these, but I only have 2555 points. You will run out thumbdrives before I get enough points.

Jackson Chung

There will probably be other products in the future, so don’t worry.

yakoob chaudhry


Do you have any sample?


very cool looking usb

Dude Mesiter

Those are pretty sweet, too bad they are that many points.

Hoku Sarroca

I like it but it’s too rich for my points LOL good luck to those 20 ppl!

Ted Wolf

8000 points is a bit steep. I’ve been a make use of user for a few years, but I’m not a power user (I guess).


Great with a high goal. We might see more activity here ;)

S. Craig Hufford

More Spam, anyone? We have plenty more, where that came from!

Eibert Draisma

8000 realy is a lot of points :-(


Would love to get one but I’m only an “Initiate Geek”. I’m curious how long it’ll last before all 20 have been snapped up.

Tug Ricks

It would probably be easier to buy one on Amazon for $18 and fill it up with the apps you choose. Not that it isn’t a cool giveaway, just that most users don’t have anywhere near the required points.

Amine LaSking

WoW very nice ?, but 8000! points to rich for my blood

Andrew Niklas

Really was looking forward to this since they look awesome and would have loved to have one…….. how ever with a price of 8000 points it means that i am short by 7600 point :( very sad.

The $20 to just buy one from their site now looks like a REALLY good deal.

Boni Oloff

Yeah, this is only cost 20USD each. But the way you got it and the exclusifity of the makeuseof, i really wan this one.. :D

Mila Kun

…not enough points :S

Edwin Williams

Looks pretty sick!


I wish good luck for the lucky winners :)

Mihovil Pletikos

wow…. it is almost too much….

Jaime Pellicero

WOW! I WANT ONE! but 8000 points… I know how i will use my freetime.

Alex Perkins

So many points

HonYin Kok

My guess is the engraving bump up the points.

Mark Silos

Only one thing i can say. better luck next time for me…

Scott Reyes

I guess I have to wait a millenia to get to 8000… but im glad they set it that high anyway.

Shane La Horie

6000 more points to go

Fabrice Soopramanien

Nice USB !! I need more points though !! :P !!

Kingsley Watson

not even close -_-

Ahmed Khalil

you need one month of full work on the site to get this mouch of points, it is very dificult

Mayank Agarwal

As for the other products which I’d like to see in your rewards program is,

Acronis True Image

vineed gangadharan

hahahah i should have saved my points from the very start….sad :(

Harish Jonnalagadda

Thinking the same thing!

Kavita Shah

wat about newbeizzz…

salim benhouhou

i think 8000 is too much it will be good to have those usb drives . i will stock points to get one someday .

Freecycle Me

To be honest, I hope it is not just about the points! Anyone can post comments for the sake of comments whereas considered replies and content is much more valuable. So many times I see quick responses in threads that make no sense or are just wanting to gain posting points. Please could you implore subscribers not to carpet bomb the site just for the chance of small gloty?

Saikat Basu

We are far stricter with our comment moderation now. So, it’s difficult to carpet bomb the site with inane comments. Your point is well taken.

Adrian Rea

Many thanks Saikat, thats good to hear.

Freecycle Me

Sorry glory! Thats not meant to illustrate my point!!! :)

salvador hernandez

I would like to have one but i’m about 7100 points short :(

Declan Lopez

8000, but I only have 880

S. Craig Hufford

I feel your pain! I’ve been sharing, for months and months, without signing in…Arggg!

S. Craig Hufford

Yes, the coolest!

Igor Rizvi?

soo much points,but looks cool

Amit Sinha

8000 points can be meant for senior or very old members of “make use of” no new members can afford this. If I will somehow able to know, in advance, about this type of giveaway I will not redeem my points for other giveaways.This might be given as a Giveaway by entering in Competition where the winners is randomly selected same as for another physical giveaways.

Rashelle Puno

cool rewards but unfortunately not for me this time… but still looking forward to have this in the future! i need to earn more points…

Usman Mubashir

Just Praying that MUO will relaunch this somewhere in the future :(


Awesome but too much points i don’t have that much :(

susan williams

this is a fantastic idea. i would just love to win one of these

Kavita Shah

@admin : Would u mind publishing the list of people who win the device…like you do for give aways…so that its open to everyone…and we can contact them to confirm that its real and they have received it (so some form of contact ll also be needed)..or if they can comment on this link itself….as i am new here i don’t know how much i can trust this site as there are lots of fake sites up there…

sorry for being so rude and direct…

Jackson Chung


Unlike giveaways where we randomly select winners, this is a redemption process. There are no winners. As long as you have the required amount of points, you may redeem the item.

We don’t publish the names of the people who redeem software via our Rewards program and this is no different.

Plus, several people who redeemed the CooKey have already commented here.

Vipul Jain

Ah, so helping others actually does benefit you LITERALLY!
Points away, happily! Awaiting my CooKey.. :D

Raj Sarkar

More reasons to earn points!

Tim Brookes

This is literally the coolest thing. I wish I could enter (naturally, I can’t) but even if I did I don’t even have 8000 points and I write and edit here!

Those of you who receive them let us know what they’re like!

Anandu B Ajith

In The Next Giveaway Samsung SSD

Mark Alsisto

hhhmmm…it will take me months to get it..

shaurya gupta

I had it first, so will i be getting the usb with a ‘#1′ on it? ! … :)

Drew Butler

Wow! truly wonder how long the people that had enough points have been active members. I think this site is great but am a newbie for sure LOL

Jackson Chung

Well there are a LOT of ways to earn points, Drew. Even by getting your friends to visit the site by clicking on your shared links will gain you a decent amount of points.

drew butler

Thanks :)

Alex Downs

8,000 points, 4 left? Challenge Accepted!

Jackson Chung

Looking forward to it. Better hurry though, Alex.

Raj Sarkar

I want one!!

Lisa Santika Onggrid

I really want one, but one glance to upper right corner-130 points-they’ll be long gone before I reach half of the required points. Kudos for whoever have that many points!

Ibrahim Nadir

is it with me only or what? Whenever i share something on any network i get 5 points only instead of 10? is it with everyone else too? How can one save those many points using 5… Gosh its gonna take a month of regular posting on all social networks

Anandu B Ajith

I Understand It IS Not For Me I Am Saving Points From Today
But I Cant

Hoku Sarroca

it is a cute giveaway, crazily high amount of points so it’s not really for those that do not have nearly enough points LOL, I love reading the information from here anyhow… we all can dream can’t we… LOL keep positive everyone.. one day we ALL may be able to grab a cool prize just not now..

Bruce Thomas

Great promotion and a good incentive to be actively engaged in the MakeUseOf community.

Mark Silos

I really like this one.


I agree 800 points is a lot. Why not do a contest? You could use 20 points to enter.

Aditya Roy

It was kind of a trick to take away points from people who have loads of them.
Now those points are spent, they have changed the points system.
It is now more of a level field. Good work MUO team.


Changed the points system? What change?

Aditya Roy

We get less points for sharing articles, and when someone clicks on them now.


Did you get the pendrive? or any reply for shipping?

Aditya Roy

yup… got it!!


I ordered one but still have not recieved any shipping information related email. Did you get the pendrive quickly?
Also how much awsome it is? And the #[number] of your pendrive.:-)

Aditya Roy

When will you guys be shipping them???
When all 20 are claimed? Coz with the new points system, it will take a lot of time.. :(

Jackson Chung

Hi Aditya,

We’ve been facing some delays with shipping because we want to ensure that the recipients will not be taxed for the USB keys. But we’re almost done and will start shipping tomorrow!

Aditya Roy

yay… waiting eagerly.. :)

Yew Zhi Yong

What a ‘high price’ for 2 USB Pendrive…..Might as well wait for another giveaway.

Yew Zhi Yong

Sorry, I mistyped. *1 USB Pendrive.

Kypros Vassiliou

Wow.. I wish i had 8000 point :(


8000? i would love to have one but i just dont have enough point to make it in time…


Points? We don’t need no stinkin’ points!

Nancy B

8000 points? Been with you for over 2 years and don’t even have 100 points yet! Might want to bring the needed amount down a tad for most of your readers!



There are various ways to earn points. Unfortunately, just visiting MakeUseOf and reading articles doesn’t earn you any points. When you share articles via Twitter and Facebook or leave a comment, that’s how you gain points. And yes, it takes a lot of sharing and commenting to collect 8,000 points. That’s the point. :)

Robert Corfield

Nice but….

Raghav Gupta

:( Dont have so many points….Hope you bring this again later sometime

Raghav Gupta

Congrats to the all who got and the last2 who will get :)

Boni Oloff

Looks nice.. I really want this one..

Nikhil Chandak

8GB Lacie CooKeys seems to be amazing
& from their reviews i am getting excited
but to take part , we need 8000 points ,
8000 points are more than enough for our needs
well good luck for those who hv this much points

Boni Oloff

Only 2 left, but i still need more point to get one.

Boni Oloff

Oh no, there is only one left.. I really want to have one..

Chaos Emperor

God i hope i get it

juan david gil

just throwin my 5 cents: i think that in cases like this i would like the option to BUY your limited edtions (limitin one buy per costumer) but now that i think about it it might be a very drastic change to an otherwise lovely site and comunity