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Our Facebook “likes” tell us a lot about ourselves, so it is only apt that we have a way to log them and look back on them. Enter LikeJournal, a social bookmarking tool and Chrome extension that records your liked links so that you can go back and click on them for later reading.

facebook liked pages

Like any app, you will need to give profile access to LikeJournal. Once done, it parses your profile and finds your liked links or Facebook pages and displays them on a dashboard where you can also find the number of people who liked the link or page. The Chrome extension also allows you to search your likes and view recent likes quickly. Once more people join LikeJournal, you can also follow your friends and view their likes for complete bookmark sharing.

With most links already being shared in Twitter or Facebook, things like Delicious and other similar tools are nearing their end. LikeJournal is a welcome addition to social tools since it uses the power of Facebook for a smarter bookmarking solution.


  • Logs your Facebook likes in a dashboard.
  • Uses Facebook likes as a social bookmarking tool.
  • Show number of likes per link.
  • Invite friends to view their likes too.
  • Similar Tools: Mylikesbox, Envolve, Facebook Like Count Calculator, FacebookDisconnect and Likify.

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