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Facebook has flooded out of its walled garden and onto the entire web in the form of little “like” buttons. You’ll find these on almost any site you can think of: Pandora, IMDB, YouTube and just about every newspaper on the Internet. Click these and you’ll automatically communicate to your Facebook friends that you “like” a given song, movie, video or article.

Of course, people doing this will lead to a deluge of information on Facebook’s homepage as your friends like everything under the sun. Enter LikeButton.Me.

This service allows you to sort things your friends have “liked” by individual websites, sorted into categories that include video, news, tech, information, Facebook, games, entertainment, reviews, photos, music, sports and movies. Click any of these categories and you’ll be shown boxes representing the most popular sites in this category.

For example, if I press “news” I see this:

facebook friends like

This gives me an overview of the kinds of articles my friends are sharing at some of the most popular news sites on the web. If my friends aren’t sharing anything at those sites right now, I’ll be shown information about the most popular articles being shared at those given sites.


Concerned about privacy? You should be; Facebook’s changing a lot of things very quickly. claims there is no threat here, however: “don’t worry, the like button has no access to your personal information.”


  • Overview what your friends “like” on the web.
  • Breaks “likes” down into categories that are broken down in boxes representing individual sites.
  • Great way to see what sorts of articles and videos your friends care about.

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