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When you are working hard, it can be easy to lose track of time. When you really lock in on a task, you forget how long it has been, and sometimes spend way too long working on something than I should. If you are billing a client by the hour, than optimizing your time can be crucial. You don’t want them to feel like you are taking too long and trying to rip them off.

Light Task is designed to help you keep track of what you are working on, and how long you have spent on it. This really helps you optimize your time because you can see exactly how much of your day you are wasting on certain tasks.

keeping track of tasks

Light Tasks is a small and simple to use program. You simply download it, extract the file and run the exe. Within a few seconds you will be ready to click the new task button to keep track of your work. You can pause a task at any time, so if you take a break you will not have incorrect data in regards to your time spent on something. When you finish, you can click “New Task” and get started on whatever is next.


  • Easy to use timer to keep track of your tasks.
  • Very small file.
  • Runs in the background while you work.
  • Pause features lets you take a break and not mess up your time.

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