LiftMagic: See How You Would Look Like After Cosmetic Surgery

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This fun online tool can take your photo, do some magic with it, and then show how you would look like after a massive plastic surgery face lift. While the result are questionable, it’s still an interesting app for those contemplating about plastic surgery on their face.

how you would look with plastic surgery

Users may apply a variety of face-lifting enhancements (forehead, eyebrow lift, mid-brow, around eyes, beside eyes, inner and outer cheek, cheek lift, nose reduction, lip lifting… etc) and quickly visualize the results.


  1. Upload image from your computer or from the web.
  2. Align white face box to the face.
  3. Adjust image by rotation, zoom and colors.
  4. Apply face lift enhancements using the slidebars.


  • Upload profile photo from your computer and apply facelift enhancements.
  • Visualize results online.
  • View and compare before and after images side by side.
  • Forward image to any email address.
  • No registration required. Free and easy to use.

Check out LiftMagic @

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