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Like it or not, only one company monopolises the digital creativity application sphere, and that’s Adobe. Photoshop and Illustrator are just two of Adobe’s widely-used industry-standard applications, so it helps to fully understand them if you’re even slightly involved in the field. Train Simple is an Adobe-authorized tutor, and for a limited time, you can grab lifetime access to all 5000 of their training videos for just $79.

Access includes all training courses and videos, exercise files, quizzes, and when you’re done, certificates of completion for each module. Even if you’re only interested in just one application — say, InDesign or Lightroom — this is still a pretty good deal, especially since the training videos will be yours to access forever. Train Simple actually covers everything from photography to web design, including non-Adobe web standards like CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, and much more. Paying $79 for this bundle is a steal — but you’d be even happier to know that this purchase will also cover you for all future content and courses! You’d better hurry — this deal only lasts until August 7.

Get lifetime access to over 5,000 Adobe-authorised training videos for just $79.


The most popular medium supported by Adobe is probably photography. Photoshop probably comes to mind, but some professionals prefer to use Lightroom — it’s very likely the most well-rounded photography suite available today. Training Simple’s training modules break down the core features from Photoshop and Lightroom (as well as other Adobe applications), and there’s no better way to learn them than watching instructional videos.


Design comes in many forms, of course. Graphic design essentially just requires the combination of bitmap (Photoshop) and scalable vector editing (Illustrator) to get the job done. Web design, on the other hand, utilises numerous tools and frameworks. Hence, Train Simple covers both Adobe’s technologies (Muse, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, Edge, etc.) and Web standards (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, WordPress). Plus, for folks in publishing, there are plenty of tutorials on layout design, focusing on InDesign.

And More

Training Simple’s video tutorials cover a range of Adobe application suites from Photoshop CS5 to Premiere Pro and Audition CC. Premiere is Adobe’s video editing studio, and Audition provides the same service for sound — both are initially complicated to pick up, but worth learning, because there’s serious power under the hood. And, of course, there is Flash, which isn’t everyone’s favorite browser plugin, but it is still a huge part of the wWb, and an efficient way of creating animations.

All of these tutorials come with course files and a certificate of completion, plus they’re all kept up to date with Adobe’s latest versions all the way up to Creative Cloud 2014. There are more courses being added on a regular basis, as well, and this membership gives you access to all of them.

This education in all-things-creative is currently 84% off, but make sure to get it now before it expires on August 7.

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